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“…confident in his ability to make the best decision, do quality work and come up with the most efficient solution to a given problem”

“…motivated by the technical challenges that utilize multiple web tools.”

“He is a perpetual learner who loves to share his new skills with others: his ability to lead others in complex matters drives him to do his best work.”

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Web Development

Professional web developer and administrator with 20+ years of well-rounded interactive application experience and agile software development

Data Reporting

Proficient with data analytics and reporting; extensive experience with the ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) stack.

Site Optimization

Well-versed with tools for debugging, improving page-speed scores and general optimization


Theme and plugin, PHP development; WordPress installation setup.

Adobe Creative

Skilled with Adobe Creative Suite apps (Acrobat, After Effects, Animate, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop)


SCORM-compliant Articulate Storyline 360 development

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City of Corona – Police Response Statistics

Calls for service received by the City of Corona Police Department
updated January 26, 2021

The data here is pulled directly from the city of Corona’s Open Data catalog. I made this as a one-time example by exporting a csv file and parsing it with Logstash to feed the documents into an Elasticsearch index. Kibana was then used to create the dashboard below; this can also be accessed via a SODA API for real-time updates.

City of Riverside – Crime Reports

Crime Reports from Engage Riverside
updated February 2, 2021

Another interactive dashboard example, using information from Riverside Open Data. Numbers can be filtered by type of crime, premise, neighborhood policing center, or date histograms.

Batch geocoding proved difficult and was eventually discarded due to the abundance of intersection strings and unreliable “no match” entries.