Hello and welcome to my website of random stuff.

Here are a few WordPress plugins that I recommend; I’ve used WordPress, despite an intense dislike of the capital ‘P’, for a long time and these have all been installed and used in real-world productions (and in my dreams, as well).

Advanced Custom Fields PRO

This has always been one of the first plugins I install for new sites, especially for those which will have multiple admins. Perhaps less useful these days? The extensibility it adds, along with the excellent documentation, makes ACF highly recommended.

Akismet Anti-Spam

If you have any kind of form on your site, you’ll want an anti-spam plugin. Akismet is the standard go-to and pretty easy to set up.

Duplicator Pro / Updraft

I used to use Duplicator Pro, but the UI wasn’t very intuitive and the built-in connection to Dropbox would often drop while backing up backups. So now I’m trying out Updraft Plus, which is more of a set-it-and-forget-it type plugin.

Enable Media Replace

I can’t believe that WordPress-with-a-capital-P doesn’t allow you to swap-out images from the dashboard; it seems like such a ubiquitously-needed feature would be included. Fortunately, this plugin does exactly what it says and does it well.

Gravity Flow

A great plugin for using with Gravity Forms to create an approval/rejection system; allows for conditional routing and complex, reusable workflows. I’ve used this with success to build internal task-management and order-fulfilment schemes.

Gravity Forms

The most useful plugin I’ve used, discovering Gravity Forms was like learning how to drive on the highway after being forever stuck in the Contact 7 lane. Though there are plenty of extensions available, the way they’re grouped into different paid tiers is a little weird; I’d prefer more à la carte options.


Decent for presenting Gravity Forms entries on the frontend (using the DataTables extension). Formatting can be tricky. Can probably done without resorting to a plugin, but the ability to edit directly makes this worthwhile.

Insert PHP Code Snippet

Useful for quickly debugging during development; I deactivate this once I’m done testing just because it makes me nervous having it active. No other reason and that’s not logical, but there you go.

iThemes Security

Unless you want to eventually be locked out of your own WordPress site, you’ll have to spend some time adjusting your security settings. No one wants to spend a lot of time editing htaccess files; both Wordfence and iThemes Security do the job well and quickly, but I’ve found iThemes to be more intuitive, with a better interface.

Matomo Analytics

Simple and effective.

“It is recommended to configure a ‘max_allowed_packet’ size in your MySQL database of at least 64MB.”

Multiple Columns for Gravity Forms

If you don’t want to mess around with css for your Gravity Forms fields, Multiple Columns for GF adds a few options for breaking forms up into…well, multiple columns. It does what it says.

Password Protect WordPress Lite

Useful for restricting access to particular pages without requiring registration.

Prevent Browser Caching

Indispensable when used during development. Gives you the option to never cache or clear on button-press.

WP Reset

For when things have truly gone south, FUBAR; use as a last resort after backup.

Screen Printing

My initial DIY screen printing setup proves that anyone can get started on a budget, with a little room and a lot of practice, trial and error. I’ve learned a few lessons along the way.